Classic Lashes

Full Set: $200 (2 hrs)


1 hr - 2 wks - $100

1 hr 15 min - 3 wks - $125

Classic Lash Extensions are individual luxury lash strands that are applied individually 1 /2 mm away from the lid on each adult natural lash. A variety of diameters and lengths are available in order to customize your desired look, you may choose a NATURAL look which is very light and subtle (shorter lengths that are 1mm longer than your natural lash length are recommended) or if you would like a little more, we would apply extensions to 100% of your natural lashes. In order to maintain your fabulous lashes, fills are recommended every two to three weeks (two weeks is the average) after three weeks you will require a full set.

Volume Lashes

Volume Full Set: $300 (3 hrs)


1.5 hr - 2 wks - $150

2 hrs - 3 wks - $200

Mega Volume: $400 (4 hrs)


2 hr - 2 wks - $200

2.5 hrs - 3 wks - $250

Russian Volume Lash Extensions is a highly skilled lashing technique of carefully hand made (not pre-fabricated or pre-made) lash fans of 2 to 8 delicate lash strands (one fan weighs less or equal to one CLASSIC lash) which are applied carefully one by one on each individual natural adult lash, 1/2 mm away from the lash line. These are meant to create a fluffy and voluminous effect. These are ideal for those who would like a VOLUMINOUS look but truly do not have many natural lashes or camouflage for permanent loss of lashes (you must have some lashes in order to complete the corrective lashing)

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid Full Set: $250 (2.5 hrs)


1hr 15 min - 2 wks - $125

1.5 hrs - 3 wks - $150

Can’t make up your mind? Hybrid lashes are a beautiful mixture of classic and volume. This gives a perfect combination of soft and whispy.

Keep in mind when booking, we cannot fill other artists’ work for liability and our guarantee. Kindly book a removal along with full set of choice.