Lash After Care


What to expect: The natural eyelash cycle is approximately 2 to 12 weeks.  Do not be alarmed if some of your extensions fall out quickly (some of the natural lashes were most likely were at the end of their life cycle) Regular natural lash shedding ranges from 2-5 lashes per eye a day. 

The majority of extensions (50%) will stay through a complete cycle if you follow these guidelines:

Avoid any contact with water, sweat, work outs, for the next 24 hours in order for the lash adhesive to cure completely

Do not use any oil around orbital area or oil-based products (heavy eye creams, spf, ponds, coconut oil etc.) regular or waterproof mascara on extensions, pencil eye liner (top lid, bottom lid or in water line) or heavy eye makeup. This will adhere to the base of your natural lashes, where the adhesive attaches the extension. When this residue accumulates, the extensions will shed prematurely, hair follicles can get clogged over time causing natural lashes to thin and possibly trigger an infection (ex: blepharitis, demodex) 

Avoid extreme temperatures:  flame, BBQ grill, oven, stove top (this will make lash tips melt and will lose their) steam, saunas, hot yoga or Oven heat. 

Cleanse: Gently cleanse (will demo how to do it properly during consultation) the eye area and lashes with special lash extension cleanser (do not use baby shampoo or facial wash) daily and prior to all fills for best results and retention.  

Brush: After cleansing, allow lashes to dry (you can use blow dryer on cold setting) then brush them with disposable mascara wand. Not only does this keep your lashes fluffy, shiny and fabulous, but it also stimulates blood flow and increases natural growth. It’s like a scalp massage and fresh blow dry. 

Fills: Schedule an appointments every 2 weeks for timely touch-ups. During your fill appointment we remove the grown-out lash extensions, gently cleanse, prep natural lashes and apply new extensions to replace the ones that shed. Please keep in mind, fills are meant to replace 50% of extensions, if you shed/grow out more than 50% its best to book more time to maintain desired fullness. If this is the case, please text me ahead so I may adjust your upcoming booking accordingly. 

Removal: Do not attempt to remove the extensions yourself, have them safely and professionally removed by your Lash artist in order to preserve your natural lashes. 

Preparing for fills: Always wash lashes & face prior to all lash fills (bare face and lashes, no spf, oils, moisturizers, serums, foundation) if you don’t have the time, we have a lash bath station you can use for your convenience or we can add a makeup removal service prior to your fill for $10 

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at: or text 781.215.3728

Enjoy your New Lashes!!!!!!!