To some beauty is purely external. It could be something as complex as getting botox or fillers for fine wrinkles or something as simple as getting your hair blown for an event. The relationship between beauty and self is something very intimate. 

Since a young age I have obsessed with the specificity of beauty to each individual. I have been able to see beauty and potential in everyone. Not just the external but the internal beauty that taking care of ones self can bring out. I’ve observed countless times how a make up application coupled with the right attire can lift someone’s spirit. I’ve seen tears run down faces because of the sudden feeling some one can have when for the first time the reflection in the mirror matches the beauty they have always felt within.  


I may be young, but when it comes to hard work, I am a seasoned veteran. Having worked since the age of 12 I have acquired a long work history in multiple industries such as the food service, hospitality, business management and beauty. I’ve been blessed to have met and interacted with many different people from various aspects of life. One thing that I have always known is that regardless of the persons’ gender or work industry, we all want to feel attractive and everyone deserves to be able to let their internal beauty shine through. 

Realizing that my true interest was in helping peoples inner beauty shine on a visual level, I enrolled in Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics in Woburn, Ma in 2013. During my enrollment a friend introduced me to the art of “Lashing” and I could not be more grateful for that.

I became addicted to the magical transformation in people. It was and still is a very rewarding experience.My interest became my passion! I completed my master 1200 hour program. I could not wait to put my new skills into practice.  It was this passion and my strong work ethic that made the birth of “Lashes By Ana Carmona” possible while still in school. 


“She who thinks her self a master may limit her true growth potential in her industry”.  Although since 2015 I’ve started my own lash education program and currently teach this amazing art to licensed professionals all around the world. I will forever be a student of this constantly growing and evolving magical industry. I consistently invest in myself so that I can provide the latest and best techniques to every student & client by keeping current with this industries top teachings and trainings. These include Lash Affair, Borboleta, Lash Makers, Maven, Revolashion, Manuela Ramirez Bordeaux Trainer as well as many other online master  courses and leadership workshops. 


My vision is to teach and empower as many people as possible to follow their passion and become independent.  I will be most fulfilled when my students become their own boss and are then empowering others to do the same.


Thank you to all current/future students and clients for making Lashes by Ana Carmona a reality. It has been an amazing journey so far and am excited to share the rest of it together.